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Satellites (and Sounding Rockets)

July 1, 1976 – 1985

Air and Space Museum
601 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC

Location: Satellites, Gallery 110, 1st Floor, East Wing

This gallery features satellites and sounding rockets used for research, exploration, and service to society.

Highlights include:

  • Satellite Array, 20 satellites, including Pioneer 1, Explorer 10, Interplanetary Monitoring Platform-E, the Improved Tiros Observation Satellite, and Transit 5
  • Sounding Rockets, 9 unmanned rocket research vehicles that probed the upper reaches of our atmosphere
  • Gravity Well demonstrates the importance of velocity to space flight; visitor operated
  • Stine Collection of Model Rockets illustrates the development of this hobby and introduces examples of experiments that may be undertaken by model rocketeers
  • Meteorological Display (Today's Weather Unit) shows real-time satellite images on TV screen ( added March 1, 1980)