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Legend, Memory, and the Great War in the Air (WWI Aviation)

Legend, Memory, and the Great War in the Air (WWI Aviation)

November 13, 1991 – Permanent

Museum: Air and Space Museum

Location: Legend, Memory, and the Great War in the Air, Gallery 206, 2nd Floor, West Wing

This gallery features the emergence of air power in World War I and reexamines the reality and  the romantic image of this war.

Highlights include:

  • Voisin VIII: early type of night bomber, 1915
  • SPAD XIII: French fighter aircraft also used by Americans
  • Fokker D.VII: considered the best German fighter aircraft of WWI
  • Albatros D.Va: German fighter aircraft that flew on all fronts during WWI
  • Pfalz D.XII: built to replace the outdated Albatros D.Va
  • Sopwith Snipe: British aircraft considered one of the best all-around single-seat fighters, although it came quite late in the war
  • German factory scene: WWI mass-production techniques, with original equipment
  • A model of the Spruce Goose and several artifacts related to its construction (outside the gallery)

Small theater with video presentations

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