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Great Cats: Lions and Tigers

Great Cats: Lions and Tigers

October 1, 1998 – Permanent

National Zoo
3000 Block of Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC

Location: Lion & Tiger Hill and surrounding area

See living, breathing, roaring Sumatran tigers and African lions and learn more about these endangered animals. Here, great cats lounge in the shade under towering scarlet and red oaks and Himalayan pines, hide in the scattered bamboo thickets, rest in the shelter of dens built into the terraced hills, and patrol their territorial boundaries along the edges of the ponds. Features also include:

  • Tiger Tracks, an interpretive trail, allows children to compare their weight to those of various cats and to species of prey; play interactive tiger cub games; and examine life-size models of a tiger's skull, tongue, and paws.
  • A machan—an elevated, enclosed platform—allows visitors to watch the lions and tigers patrol their Zoo territory.
  • An area featuring a bronzed Tyrannosaurus rex skull from the Museum of the Rockies.

Explore new graphics and interactives installed summer 2011:

  • Graphics interpret aspects of lions’ and tigers’ behavior at the Zoo and in the wild.
  • Cat Scan allows visitors to see inside the great cats to learn more about their biology.
  • Main Street shows how actions visitors take in their daily lives help conserve these endangered animals.

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