The National Air And Space Museum and the National Museum of American History will be open today, March 5; all other Smithsonian Washington, D.C.-area museums and the National Zoo will be closed due to inclement weather. The Smithsonian museums in New York will be open today.

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Fossil Mammals: Mammals in the Limelight

Fossil Mammals: Mammals in the Limelight

May 30, 1985 – April 27, 2014 (new closing date)

Museum: Natural History Museum

Location: 1st Floor, East Wing, behind Dinosaurs Hall

This exhibition focuses on the spectacular evolution of mammals as the dominant class of vertebrates following the extinction of the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. Four huge murals —painted by Jay Matternes, Robert Hynes, and John Gurche—re-create scenes of animal and plant life in successive epochs of the Age of Mammals. In the foreground are various mounted skeletons of giant mammals depicted in these murals; many of the mounted skeletons were assembled from fossils unearthed in the American West by Smithsonian scientists.