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Constance Larrabee

Mid-March 2005 – March 23, 2006

Museum: African Art Museum

Location: Corridor between African Art Museum and Ripley Center, Sublevel 3

Constance Stuart Larrabee, Photographs: On view (mid-March 2005-Oct 2005, January 9, 2006-March 23, 2006) were 20 black-and-white photographs of South Africa in the corridor between African Art Museum and the Ripley Center. Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914-2000) lived and worked as a professional photographer in South Africa until 1950. Her exquisite black-and-white images documented the lives of African peoples in both rural and urban settings. In 1997, she donated over 5,000 South African photographs to the African Art Museum.

Constance Larrabee's photographs were off view (October 21, 2005-January 8, 2006) during the display of Faces of Inspiration, 8 interpretive panels related to the exhibition Retratos, which was on view in the International Gallery.