The National Air And Space Museum and the National Museum of American History will be open today, March 5; all other Smithsonian Washington, D.C.-area museums and the National Zoo will be closed due to inclement weather. The Smithsonian museums in New York will be open today.

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Captive Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade and the Making of the Americas

February 3, 2003 – August 31, 2003

Museum: Anacostia Community Museum

Location: Main Gallery

The story of the slave trade is told from a maritime perspective through more than 200 objects and images divided into four sections: Departure, Middle Passage, Arrival, and Legacy. Items include historic maps, branding irons and shackles, a Kuba hat, an 1852 color-printed handbill offering a $2,500 award for a runaway slave, a one-of-a kind scale model of the slave schooner Dos Amigos by award-winning ship model builder Joseph McCleary, poems by the young enslaved African Phyllis Wheatley, and an almanac by Benjamin Banneker, free son of a former slave.