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Black Box: Mircea Cantor

September 17, 2007 – December 9, 2007 Rotating Exhibition

Museum: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

Location: Lower Level

The Black Box Theater showcases rotating exhibitions of contemporary artists who use film or video as their creative medium. Films or videos run continuously.

Films by Mircea Cantor, including:

Deeparture (2005) 2:45 min. Mircea Cantor (Romanian, born 1977, lives and works in Paris) left Romania soon after its borders opened in the early 1990s. Hitchhiking across Europe, he led an itinerant life that duplicated the curiosity with which Cantor explores artistic genres and pokes at conventions.

On view is Deeparture (2005), a film that recorded a suspenseful dance between a wolf and a deer trapped in a small gallery space -- a piece that calls to mind Joseph Beuys's 1974 performance, "I Like America and America Likes Me," in which the artist locked himself up with a coyote at the Rene Block Gallery in New York for a week. Cantor's short piece is a disturbingly silent examination of ideas about nature and dominance played in a time-distorting loop.

See related article in November 2007 Smithsonian magazine: p. 44.