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Asia Trail

Asia Trail

October 17, 2006 – Permanent

National Zoo
3000 Block of Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC

Location: Olmsted Walk

This exhibition features Asian animals already living at the Zoo—sloth bears, fishing cats, Asian small-clawed otters (including an 11-member family group), a Japanese giant salamander, and red pandas—along with the clouded leopards (returning to the Zoo after several decades). Also featured are the beloved giant pandas (see separate listing).

The Trail incorporates enrichment activities that stimulate the animals' natural behaviors, including fabricated termite mounds where sloth bears can forage for insects, cut-away views of pools where fishing cats can hunt, nest boxes where red pandas can raise their young, and a glass-fronted pool where visitors can observe Asian small-clawed otters underwater. The exhibition also highlights the Zoo's research and conservation work and features the following:

  • Decision stations: Here visitors can explore the complex conservation issues facing endangered species through touch-screen, interactive kiosks.
  • Curiosity stations: Here visitors can learn about the native habitats of the species that live along the trail through hands-on exhibits.
  • Researchers at Work stations: Here visitors can learn about the Zoo's efforts to preserve these animals and their habitats in the wild through videos and graphics.

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