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AirCraft: The Jet as Art

AirCraft: The Jet as Art

November 25, 2011 – November 25, 2012

Air and Space Museum
601 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC

Location: Special Exhibitions, Gallery 104, 1st Floor, West Wing

This collection of 33 photographic archival-pigment prints by photographer, graphic designer, and architect Jeffery Milstein reveal the power and elegance of aircraft in flight and transform aviation technology into fine art. Standing at the end of a runway, Milstein captures images of aircraft just moments before they land, photographing them from below as they streak past at speeds up to 175 miles per hour. He then distills the subject from the background to focus attention on design, color, and symmetry. Milstein’s supersized prints seem to pull viewers into the air, as though they are along for the ride.