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Air Transportation

July 1, 1976 – January 9, 2006

Museum: Air and Space Museum

Location: Air Transportation, Gallery 102, 1st Floor, West Wing

This gallery traces the evolution of air transportation of people, mail, and cargo.

Highlights include:

  • Douglas DC-3: a design milestone in aviation, 1935
  • Ford Tri-motor: offered dependable, safe, and relatively comfortable service, 1926
  • Douglas M-2: operated on the 1st airmail route between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, 1926
  • Pitcairn Mailwing: efficient, reliable mail carrier, 1st used in 1927; 1st plane designed to carry mail, 1927
  • Northrop Alpha: all metal, cantilevered wing monoplane, 1930
  • Fairchild FC-2: 1st nonstop flight from New York to Miami, 1928
  • Boeing 247-D: 1st of modern airliners and 1st to average 200 miles per hour, 1933
  • Douglas DC-7 (nose only): Visitors can walk through the cockpit of this 1955 airliner