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African Elephant

African Elephant

– Permanent

Museum: Natural History Museum

Location: 1st Floor, Kenneth E. Behring Family Rotunda and 2nd Floor, Balcony

The museum's 8-ton, 14-foot-tall African elephant is in a setting that re-creates the Angolan bush. The diorama also introduces important ideas in botany, entomology, mineral sciences, and zoology, as well as information on the ancestors of modern-day elephants and the elephants' importance in African cultures.

The Elephant's World—located on the Rotunda Balcony, second floor—includes interactive Elephant Discovery Stations that provide additional information on elephants and their habitat and is made up of the following two sections: Fossil Elephants and Elephants in Art.

Note: Renovations are underway until September 2015 to update the setting for our great African bush elephant, incorporating the latest scientific information on these magnificent but threatened animals.

Videos (run continuously; in Rotunda and on Balcony)
Interactive Learning Stations (Balcony)

Online exhibition