FAQs Are back issues of Smithsonian magazine available?

Articles from Smithsonian magazine are not reprinted. However, back issues can be purchased from the Smithsonian or can be found in many public or university libraries.

Back issues for orders from within the United States are $5.00 each postpaid; foreign orders are $6.00 each postpaid. Because postage fees vary for large orders, please contact the magazine office directly before purchasing quantities of ten or more issues. Please make your check or money order (in U.S. dollars) payable to Smithsonian Institution and send your request to:

Smithsonian magazine/Back Issues
Victor Building
750 Ninth Street, NW
Suite 7100
Washington, D.C. 20560-0951
(202) 275-2000, Monday - Friday

Back Issue Availability

All issues prior to December 1994 are out of print.

1998: June is out of print.

1999: May, August, and November are out of print.

2001: January, February, September, and October are out of print.

Other issues not on this list may go out of print at any time due to demand.

Prepared by the Office of Visitor Services's Public Inquiry Mail and Telephone Information Service Unit. All information on price and availability of materials is subject to change.

Last update: 1/02

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