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Useful References on Whaling

Alaska Geographic Society
            l978  (See Popular)

Allen, A. J.
            1988    A Whaler & Trader in the Arctic 1895 to 1944. Alaska Northwest Publishing Co., Anchorage, AK 213 pp. (Paperback.  A rough and ready reminiscence of Allen's early life in the Artic hunting bowheads from commercial whaling vessels and then with the Eskimos.)

Allen, E. S.
            l973     Children of the Light.  The Rise and Fall of
New Bedford Whaling and the Death of the Arctic Fleet. Little Brown and Co., Boston. 302 pp.,illus.

American Cetacean Society
            1989    (See Technical)  

American Heritage Editors
            l959     The Story of Yankee Whaling. American Heritage Pub. Co. Inc., NY. l53 pp., photographs. (For children.)

Andrews, R. C.
            l954     All About Whales. Random House, NY. l48 pp. (For children.)

Ash, C.
            l964     The Whaler's Eye. MacMillan Co., NY. l36 pp.,illus. (Good account of modern whaling by a whaling chemist.)

Ashley, C. W. , 1881-1947
            1991    The Yankee Whaler; with an introduction by Robert Cushman Murphy and a preface to the pictures by Zephaniah W. Pease.  Dover Publications, NY. 156 pp. (Originally published 1942, 2nd ed., Halcyon, Garden City New York.)

Beale, T.
l839     The Natural History of the Sperm Whale, to which is added a sketch of a South‑Sea Whaling Voyage in which the author was personally engaged. John Van Voorst, London. 393 pp. l973 reprint by Holland Press,
London. (A classic account.)  

Bennett, A.G.
            l93l       Whaling in the Antarctic. William Blackwood & Sons, Ltd., Edinburgh and London. 229 pp.     

Bennett, F. D.
            l840     Narrative of a Whaling Voyage round the Globe from the Year l833 to l836, Comprising Sketches of Polynesia, California, the Indian Archipelago, etc., with an Account of Southern Whales, the Sperm Whale Fishery, and the Natural History of the Climates Visited. 2 Vols. Richard Bentley, London. l970 reprint by Da Capo Press, NY.

Birkeland, K. B.
            l926     The Whalers of Akutan; an Account of Modern Whaling in the
Aleutian Islands. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT. l7l pp.   

Birnie, P.
            1985    International Regulation of Whaling: From Conservation of Whaling to Conservation of Whales and Regulation of Whale‑Watching. Oceana Publications, Inc., NY  Vol. 1, 574 pp., Vol. 2, 1053 pp. (History of the IWC and whaling regulations with reports of the Commission; review new approaches to conservation.)

Bockstoce, J. R.
            l977     Steam Whaling in the Western Arctic. Old Dartmouth Historical Society, New Bedford, MA. l27 pp., black and white photographs. (Use of steam whaling particularly for catching Bowheads.)

            l980     "Battle of the Bowheads." Natural History, Vol.89, No. 5, May l980, pp. 52‑6l. (History of Eskimo whaling and rulings of the International Whaling Commission.)  

            1986    Whales, Ice, and Men. The History of Whaling in the Western Arctic.  University of Washington Press, Seattle and London in association with New Bedford Whaling Museum, MA 400 pp. (Comprehensive history of commercial whaling.)  

Bockstoce, J. R. and D. B. Botkin
            l980     The Historical Status and Reduction of the Western Arctic Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus) Population by the Pelagic Whaling Industry, l848‑l9l4. Final Report to the National Marine Fisheries Service by the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Seattle, Washington. l20 pp. (Available from
New Bedford Whaling Museum, l8 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, MA. 02740.)  

Boeri, D.
            1984    People of the Ice: Eskimos, White Men and the Whale.
Dutton, NY 285 pp  

Braham, H. W., W. M. Marquette, T. W. Bray, and J. S. Leatherwood (Editors)
            l980     "The Bowhead Whale, Whaling and Biological Research." A Special Issue. Marine Fisheries Review, Vol. 42, No. 9‑l0, Sept‑Oct, l980, pp. l‑96.

Bullen, F. T.
            l906     The Cruise of the Cachalot, Round the World after Sperm Whales. D. Appleton and Co., NY. 379 pp., illus. (A classic.)

Burton, R.
            l973     (See Popular)  

Chatterton, E. K.
            l926     Whalers and Whaling: The Story of the Whaling Ships up to the Present Day.  J.B. Lippincott Co.,
Philadelphia, PA. 248 pp. l975 reprint.  

Cheever, H. T., 1814-1897
            1991    The Whale and His Captors, or, The Whaleman's Adventures and the Whale Biography as Gathered on the Homeward Cruise of the "Commodore Preble". Ye Galleon Press, Fairfield, Washington, 314 pp. (Reprint. Originally published:
New York, Harper & Brothers, 1850)  

Cherfas, J.
            1988    The Hunting of the Whale . A tragedy that must end. Badley Head, London. 239 pp. (Biology, history, control, IWC, Bowheads.)

Church, A. C.
            l938     Whale Ships and Whaling. Bonanza Books, NY. l79 pp. Reissued l960.  (Descriptive photographic history.)

Clark, R.
            l954     "Open Boat Whaling in the
Azores." The history and present methods of a relic industry. Discovery Reports, Vol. XXVI, pp. 28l‑354, plates XIII‑XVII.  

Colwell, M.
            l969     Whaling around Australia. Lawrence Verry Inc., Mystic, CT. l68 pp., photographs.

Davis, W. M.
            l874     Nimrod of the Sea, or the American Whaleman Christopher Pub., MA. 405 pp., illus. l972 reprint.      

Decker, R. O.
            l973     Whaling Industry of New London.  Liberty Cap Books, York, PA. 202 pp., photographs, illus. In paper, l976, as Whaling City: A History of New London. Pequot.

Dow, G.F.
            l925     Whale Ships and Whaling. Argosy‑Antiquarian Ltd., NY. 446 pp., pp. 43‑439 are a pictorial history. l967 reprint. (Includes account of
New England whale fishery.)  

Du Pasquier, J. T.
            1982    Les Baleiniers Francais Au XIXème Siècle (1814‑1868).  Terre et Mer 4 Seigneurs, Grenoble. 256 pp. (French whaling and whalers.)

Durham, F. E.
            l979     "The Catch of Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus)by Eskimos, with Emphasis on the Western Arctic." Contributions in Science of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Vol. 3l4, pp. l‑l4.

Ellis, R.
            1999    Men and Whales.
Lyons Press, NY. 542 pp. (First commercial whalers, killing whales, whalewatching , exhibits and whales in captivity)  

Epler, B.C.
            1987    "Whalers, Whales, and Tortoises." Oceanus, Vol. 30, No. 2, Summer 1987, pp. 86‑92.

Forster, H.
            1985 (See Bibliographies)

Francis, D.
            1990    A History of World Whaling. Viking Penguin, Canada, 288 pp. ( The story of whaling and whalers; includes chapters on the dilemmas of whaling in the modern world.)

Friends of the Earth
            l978 (See Popular)

Goode, G. B.
            l884     The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the United States. U.S.                                                       to       Commission of Fish and Fisheries, 5 Sections in 7 volumes,
           1887     Government Printing Office. (Chapters on the whale fishery, the blackfish [Pilot Whale] and       
                        porpoise fisheries.)

Grady, D.
            1982    The Perano Whalers of
Cook Strait 1911‑1964. A.H.& A.W. Reed Ltd., Wellington. 238 pp.     

Hagelund, W. A.
            1987    Whalers No More. A history of whaling on the West Coast.  Harbour Publishing, British Columbia, Canada. 211 pp., black and white photographs. 

Hart, Col. J. 
            l834     Miriam Coffin or, The Whale-Fishermen. 2 Vols. Somerset Pub., NY. 1972 reprint.

Hart, I. B.
            2002    Pesca- the History of Compania
Argentina de Pesca, Sociedad Anonima, of Buenos Aires. (An account of the pioneer modern whaling and sealing company in the Antarctic.) Revised edition. Aidan Ellis, Salcombe, England. 548 pp.  

Henderson, D.A.
            l972     Men & Whales at Scammon's Lagoon. Dawsons Book Shop, Los Angeles. 3l3 pp. (An excellent and thorough account of the Gray Whale fishery.)

Hofman, R.J. and W. N. Bonner
            1985    (See Technical)  

Hohman, E. P.
            l928     American Whale‑Man: A Study of Life and Labor in the Whaling Industry. Longmans, Green and Co., NY 355 pp. l972 reprint by Augustus M. Kelley, Clifton, NJ.

Horwood, J.
            1990    (See Technical)     

International Whaling Commission
            1994    Gillnets and Cetaceans. Incorporating the Proceedings of the Symposium and Workshop on the Mortality of Cetaceans in Passive Fishing Nets and Traps. Special Issue 15. W.F. Perrin, G. P. Donovan and J. Barlow, editors. Report of the International Whaling Commission.  The Red House,
Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. UK. 629 pp.  

Jackson, F.
            l978     The British Whaling Trade. Archon Books, Hamden, CT.  3l0 pp. (History from l604‑l963, new whaling techniques, rise and decline of whaling industry.)

Jacob, H. K., K. Snoeijing, and R. Vaughan (Editors)
            1983    Arctic Whaling. Proceedings of the Symposium on Arctic Whaling.  Arctic Centre University of Groningen, Netherlands. 268 pp. (Collection of 11 articles covering the arctic environment, evolution, biology and ecology of arctic whales, and history of whaling including aboriginal whaling.) 

Jenkins, J. T.
            l92l       A History of the Whale Fisheries from the Basque Fisheries of the Tenth Century to the Hunting of the Finner Whale at the Present Date. H.F. and G. Witherby, London. 336 pp. l97l reprint by Kennikat Press,
Port Washington, NJ.  

Landauer, L. B.
            1986    Scammon. Beyond the Lagoon. A Biography of Charles Melville Scammon.  Pacific Maritime History Series, Number one. Flying Cloud Press,
Pasadena, California. 180 pp. ( The life of a sea captain, whaler, author, and naturalist.)  

Leavitt, J. F.
            l973     The Charles W. Morgan. Marine Historical Association, Mystic, CT. l3l pp., photographs,illus. (History of the l9th century wooden‑hulled whaleship " Charles W. Morgan" now preserved at Mystic.)

Lubbock, A. B.
            l937     The Arctic Whalers. Brown, Son, and Ferguson, Glasgow. 483 pp. (l9th century whaling.)

Mammal Society
            1990    Mammal Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 1-73. (Issue devoted to future of whales, commercial whaling, assessment of stocks, DNA fingerprinting, IWC, and human/cetacean relations.)

Martin, K.
            l975     Whalemen and Whaleships of Maine. Harpswell Press, Brunswick, ME. 7l pp., illus. l976 paper reprint.

Melville, H.
            l85l       (See Technical)  

Mitchell, E. and R.R. Reeves
            l980     "The Alaska Bowhead Problem: A Commentary."
Arctic, Vol. 33, No. 4, December l980, pp. 686‑723. (History of problem; biological, social and nutritional aspects of hunt; assessment of current hunt methods and traditional values.)  

Morton, H.
            1982    The Whales Wake. South Pacific Books, Auckland. 396 pp. (Whaling in New Zealand and South West Pacific in early 19th century.)

Olmsted, F.
            l84l       Incidents of a Whaling Voyage.  D. Appleton &Co., NY. 360 pp., illus. l969 reprint by Charles Tuttle, Rutland, VT. (Student account of a whaling voyage in the l800's) 

Ommanney, F.D.
            l938     South Latitude. Longmans, Green and Co., London. 308 pp.  l965 reprint. (An account of a biologist at an Antarctic whaling station during the peak of Antarctic whaling.)

Philbrick, N.
            2000    In the Heart of the Sea: the Tragedy of the Whaleship
Essex. Viking, NY. 302 pp.  

.                       Reeves, R., and E. Mitchell
1988    History of Whaling In and Near
North Carolina. NOAA Technical Report NMFS 65. National Marine Fisheries Service, Washington, DC. 28 pp. (Available through NTIS, Springfield, Virginia. No. PB 88 222 146.)  

Ross, W. G. B.
            l975     Whaling and Eskimos:
Hudson Bay l860‑l9l5. Publications in Ethnology, No. l0. National Museum of Canada. l64 pp. (Effect of commercial whaling on the Eskimos.)            

            1985    Arctic Whalers, Icy Seas: Narratives of the Davis Strait Whale Fisherey.  Irwin Pub., Toronto, Canada.  263 pp. (Writings of 15 whaling men who describe their arctic experiences.)  

Scammon, C. M.
            l874     The Marine Mammals of the Northwestern Coast of North America: together with an Account of the American Whale‑fishery. John H. Carmany and Co., San Francisco. 3l9 pp. l968 Dover reprint. (Excellent account.)

Schmidhauser, J. R. and G. O. Totten, III (Editors)
            l978     The Whaling Issue in U.S.‑Japan Relations. Westview Press, Boulder, CO. 275 pp. (History of the whaling controversy, whaling regulations, laws, future policy, and ocean management.)

Schmitt, F.P.
            l97l       Mark Well the Whale.  Kennikat Press,
Port Washington, NY. l5l pp., illus. (History of the whaling ships and whalemen originating from Cold Spring Harbor, NY.)  

Schmitt, F.P., C. de Jong, and F. H. Winter
            l980     Thomas Welcome Roys, America's Pioneer of Modern Whaling. 
Mariners Museum Publication No. 38. University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville. 253 pp. (Life of a whaling captain who sailed the Arctic whaling grounds and development of a rocket‑powered harpoon.)  

Scoresby, W.
            l820     An Account of the Arctic Regions. 2 Vols. Arnold Constable, Edinburgh. l969 reprint with a new introduction, David & Charles, Newton Abbot. (An excellent account of whaling for Greenland Right Whales; written by a whaling captain.) 

            l823     Journal of a Voyage to the Northern Whale‑Fishery, Including Researches and Discoveries on the Eastern Coast of West Greenland in... l882. Arnold Constable and Co., Edinburgh. 472 pp. l980 reprint by Caedomon of Whitby, England.  

Sherman, S.C.
            1965    The Voice of the Whaleman.  With an account of the Nicholson Whaling Collection. 
Providence Public Library, Providence. 216 pp. (Describes logbooks and whaling records from the years 1762‑1922.)  

            1986    (See Bibliographies)  

Small, G.
            l97l       The Blue Whale. Columbia University Press, NY. 248 pp. (Mainly a history of the International Whaling Commission and the Blue Whale; reasons for whale's status up to l965.)

Stackpole, E. A.
            l953     The Sea Hunters: the
New England Whalemen during Two Centuries l635‑l835. J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, and New York. 5l0 pp. l973 reprint by Greenwood Press, Westport, CT (Chapter 23 recounts the story which probably formed the basis for the climax to Herman Melville's whaling story, Moby Dick.) 

            l972     Whales and Destiny; the Rivalry between America, France and Britain for Control of the Southern Whale Fishery l785‑l825. University of Massachusetts Press. 427 pp.  

Starbuck, A.
            l878     History of the American Whale Fishery, from its Earliest Inception to the Year l876. Report to the
U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Washington, DC Part IV. 2 Vols. 779 pp. l964 reprint by Argosy‑Antiquarian, NY.  

Takahashi, J.
            1988    Women's Tales of Whaling.  Life stories of 11 Japanese women who live with whaling. Japan Whaling Association, Tokyo. 131 pp. (In English and Japanese)

Tonneson, J.N., and A.D. Johnsen
            l982     The History of Modern Whaling. University of California Press, Berkeley. 650 pp., illus. (Abridged and translated version of a large Norwegian work on the history of the modern whaling industry.)

Townsend, C.H.
            l935     "The Distribution of Certain Whales as Shown by Logbook Records of American Whaleships." Zoologica, Vol. l9, Pt. l, pp. l‑50.

Vestergaard, E. (Editor)
            1990    North Atlantic Studies: Whaling Communities. Vol. 2, No. 1-2. Centre for
North Atlantic Studies, Aarhus University Press, Denmark.  217 pp. (Conference proceedings and excerpts from hearings on Whaling Communities in the North Atlantic, January 1990. Includes three sections: biological studies, policies and regulations, and socio-cultural aspects.)  

Waring, G. T., D.L. Palka, P. J. Clapham et al.
            1999    U.W. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexicco Marine Mammal Stock Assessments- 1999. NOAA Technical Memorandum, NMFS-NE-153 

Webb, R.L.
            1988    On the Northwest: Commercial Whaling in the
Pacific Northwest, 1790‑1967. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Accurate but unexciting; a picture of the North‑west whaling industry.)  

Whipple, A.B.C.
            l954     Yankee Whalers in the South Seas. Doubleday, NY. 304 pp. l973 reprint by Charles Tuttle, VT  (Whaling stories of the l9th century.)

Whipple, A.B.C. and Editors of Time‑Life Books
            l979     The Whalers. Time‑Life Books,
Alexandria, VA. l76 pp. (History of whaling.)

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whaling, Technical References (A-J)

Prepared by the Department of Systematic Biology, Vertebrate Zoology,
National Museum of Natural History,
in cooperation with Public Inquiry Services,
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