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Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises, Technical Literature (A-J)

Allen, G. M.
         l9l6   The Whalebone Whales of New England.  Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History,   Vol. 8, No. 2, 322 pp., illus. (Old but good technical account; interesting historical facts.)

Allen J. A.
         l908  The North Atlantic Right Whale and its Near Allies. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Vol. 24, No. l8, pp. 277‑329. (Detailed account with an emphasis on osteology.)

American Cetacean Society
         1989    The World's Whales A Closer Look. Sherryl Taylor, editor. Selected Papers from the American Cetacean Society Third Biennial Conference and Symposium, Monterey, California, November 11-13, 1988.  193 pp. (Includes papers on photo-identification, census from sounds, molecular techniques, killer whale communication, pollution, conservation efforts, cetacean and human interactions.)

Andersen, H. T. (Editor)
         l969     The Biology of Marine Mammals. Academic Press, NY. 5ll pp. (A technical review of many aspects of marine mammal biology.)

Andrews, R. C.
         l9l4       Monographs of the Pacific Cetacea. l. The California Gray Whale (Rhachianectes  glaucus Cope); Its History, Habits, External Anatomy, Osteology, and Relationship.  Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History (New Series), Vol. l, No. 5, pp. 227‑287.

         l9l6       Monographs of the Pacific Cetacea. II. The Sei Whale (Balaeoptera borealis Lesson); History, Habits, External Anatomy, Osteology, and Relationship.  Memoirs of the American Museum of Natural History (New Series), Vol. l, No. 6, pp.289‑388.

Arseniev, V. A.

         1986    Atlas of Marine Mammals. Expanded version of 1980 Russian language edition of Atlas of Marine Mammals of U. S. S. R. TFH Publications, Neptune City, NJ. 269 pp. (Includes all living species of seals and cetaceans; no longer regional)

Au, W. W. L.

         1993    The Sonar of Dolphins.
Springer-Verlag, NY. 277 pp. (Reports the results of 22 years of study from an electrical engineer's perspective. Incorporates literature from U.S. Navy labs and other scientists including the Soviets. Suggests future research areas that need exploration.)

Au, W. W. L., A. N. Popper, R.R. Fay (Editors)

         2000    Hearing by Whales and Dolphins. Springer, NY. 485 pp. (overview, communication and acoustic behavior, social behavior of wild dolphins, etc.)

Baker A. N.

         l999     Whales and Dolphins of New Zealand and Australia: an Identification Guide,
Updated version. Victoria University Press, Wellington, N. Z. (Originally published in 1972 as New Zealand Whales and Dolphins in Tuatara, in 1983 as Whales and Dolphins of New Zealand and Australia.) (Includes natural history of cetaceans, species accounts, first aid for stranded marine mammals, and methods for identifying from land and sea.)

Bannister, J.C.

         1995    Western Australian Humpback and Right Whales: an Increasing Success Story.  Western Australian Museum, Perth.  52 pp. 

Beddard, E. E.

         l900     A Book of Whales. G. P. Putnam's Sons, NY. 320 pp. (A good general treatment of whales and dolphins.) Out of print.

Beddington, J. R., R. J. H. Beverton, and D. M. Lavigne (Editors)

         1985    Marine Mammals and Fisheries. George Allen & Unwin Ltd., London and Winchester, MA. 354 pp. (Authoritative accounts by marine biologists. Includes management problems, case studies of interactions, and problems of estimating food consumption.)

Berzin, A. A.    
         l972     The Sperm Whale Edited by A. V. Yablokov. Translated from the             Russian by E. Hoz and Z. Blake.
Israel Program for Scientific Translations,     Jerusalem. 394 pp. (Available from the National  Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 2216l. Stock No. TT‑71‑50152.)

Bonner, W.N.
         l980     (See Popular)
         1989    (See Popular)

Born, E.W., R. Dietz, and R.R. Reeves (Editors)

         1994    "Studies of White Whales (Delphinapterus leucas) and Narwhals (Monodon monoceros) in Greenland and Adjacent Waters." Meddelelser om Gronland. Bioscience 39: 259 pp. (19 articles on distribution and abundance, status and history of exploitation, habitat use and behavior, age determination, growth, reproduction, and presence of contaminants.) Can be ordered from the Danish Polar Center, Strandgade 100H, DK-1401, Copenhagen K Denmark.

Boyd, I.L. (Editor)

         1993    Marine Mammals: Advances in Behavioural and Population Biology. The Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the Zoological Society of London on 9th and 10th April 1992. Clarendon Press,
Oxford. 404 pp. (Main focus on pinnipeds.)

Bruyns, Captain W.F.J. Morzer
         l97l       Field Guide of Whales and Dolphins. Amsterdam Pub. Co., Netherlands. 258 pp., illus. (A fascinating account by a non-scientist who had years of experience as a ship’s captain.)

Bryden, M.M. and R. Harrison (Editors)

         1986    Research on Dolphins. Clarendon Press, Oxford, NY. 479 pp. (Contributions by various authorities with experience of dolphins. Includes natural history, anatomy and physiology, age and growth, captive dolphins, and strandings.)

Burns, J.J., J.J. Montague, and C.J. Cowles (Editors)

         1993    The Bowhead Whale. Special Publication Number 2. Society for Marine Mammalogy, Lawrence, KS. 787 pp. (Comprehensive account including physical environment of Bering Sea, evolutionary relationships, anatomy and physiology, behavior, feeding, reproduction, mortality, distribution, population dynamics, commercial whaling, noise and contaminants.)

Busnel, Ren'e‑Guy and J.F. Fish (Editors)

         l979     Animal Sonar Systems: Proceedings of the Second International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Animal Sonar Systems, Held in Jersey, Channel Island, April l‑8, 1979.   Plenum Press, NY. ll35 pp. (Papers on behavior, systems analysis, signal to noise ratios, and signal processing in a variety of animals including whales and dolphins.)

Chapskii, K.K. and V.E. Sokolov (Editors)

         l973     Morphology and Ecology of Marine Mammals; Seals, Dolphins, Porpoises. J. Wiley Pub., NY  232 pp.

Clarke, M.R.

         l979     "The Head of the Sperm Whale."  Scientific American, Vol. 240, No. l, January l979, pp. l28‑l4l.

Dalebout, M.L., J.G. Mead, C.S. Baker, A.N. Baker, and A.L. Van Helden
         2002    “A New Species of Beaked Whale Mesoplodon perrini Sp.N. (Cetacea:Ziphiidae) Discovered through Phylogenetic Analyses of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences.” Marine Mammal Science, Vol. 18, No.,3, pp. 577-608.

Dierauf, L.A.and F.M.D. Gulland (Editors)

         2001    CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine .2nd edition.  CRC Press, Boca Raton, Boston. 1063 pp.(Includes strandings, diseases, careers in marine mammal medicine, electronic sites, tagging and tracking, necropsy, anatomy, endocrinology, pathology, cytology and many more subjects.)

Discovery Committee, Colonial Office on Behalf of the
1929        Dependencies of The Falkland Islands and the National Institute of  Oceanography. Discovery Reports, Cambridge University Press, London. (A continuing series of reports mainly on whales, their biology, distribution, and behavior. Includes Sperm Whales, Southern Fin, Sei, Blue, Humpback, Southern Right, and Burmeister's Porpoise.)

Eberhardt, L. L., D.G. Chapman, and J.R. Gilbert

         l979     A Review of Marine Mammal Census Methods. Wildlife Monograph No. 63. Wildlife Society, Washington, DC. 46 pp. (Techniques currently used to estimate marine mammal populations; bibliography includes titles of census studies of various species.)
Ellis, R. 

         l980    (See Popular)
         1982    (See Popular)

         1999    (See Whaling)

Evans, P. G. H.
         1987    The Natural History of Whales & Dolphins. Facts on File, N. Y. 343 pp. (Chapters on evolution, classification, systematics and zoogeography, distribution, feeding, social organization and behavior, life history, history of whaling, whales and man, past and present.)

Evans, P. G. H and J. A. Raga (Editors)

         2001    Marine Mammals: Biology and Conservation. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, NY. 630 pp. (Ecological and conservation emphasis; also focuses on physiology, medicine, and evolution.) 

Fontaine, P.H. 

Whales of the North Atlantic: Biology and Ecology [Les Baleines de l’Atlantique Nord]. E’ditions MultiMondes, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada. 290 pp. (Translated by Robert St. Laurent. Good photographs: decaying whale carcass, larynx, tongue and mouth, beluga suction feeding, etc.)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
         l978     Mammals in the Seas. FAO Fisheries Series No. 5,Vol. l.  Report of the FAO Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research. Working Party on Marine Mammals. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. 264 pp. (Summaries of the Bergen meeting of l976.)
         1981    Mammals in the Seas. FAO Fisheries Series No. 5, Vol. 3. Report of the FAO Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research. Working Party on Marine Mammals.  General Papers. Large Cetaceans. Selected Papers of the Scientific Consultation on the Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals and Their Environment. 504 pp.

         1982    Mammals in the Seas. FAO Fisheries Series No. 5,Vol. 4.  Small Cetaceans, Seals, Sirenians, and Otters. FAO Advisory Committee on Marine Resources Research Working Party on Marine Mammals. Selected Papers of the Scientific Consultation on the Conservation and Management of Marine Mammals and Their Environment held in Bergen, Norway in 1976. FAO, Rome. 531 pp.

Ford, J. K. B., G. M. Ellis, and K. C. Balcomb

         1994    Killer Whales: the Natural History and Genealogy of Orcinus orca in British Columbia and Washington State.  1975 reprint. UBC Press, Vancouver: University of Washington Press, Seattle.  102 pp.

Fordyce, E. and L. Barnes

         1994    "The Evolutionary History of Whales and Dolphins." In G. W. Wetherill, A.C. Albee and K. C. Burke, editors, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Vol. 22, pp. 419-455. Annual Reviews, Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA

Fraser, F.C.
        l974     Report on Cetacea Stranded on the British  Coasts from l948 to l966. No. 14. British Museum of Natural History. 65 pp.  (The latest of a long series containing a wealth of miscellaneous biological information; earlier numbers co-authored by Harmer starts in 1913.)
         l976     British Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. 5th edition.  Publication No. 549. British Museum of Natural History, London, Sabbott‑Natural History Books, CA. 34 pp. 

Gaskin, D. E.    
         1982    The Ecology of Whales and Dolphins.  Heinemann,
London and Exeter. 459 pp. (Encyclopedic review of cetaceans at population level. Subjects include migration, orientation, navigation, breeding grounds, metabolic rates and energy budgets, evolution, zoogeography.)

Geraci, J. B., and
D. J. St. Aubin (Editors)
         1990    Sea Mammals and Oil: Confronting the Risks. Academic Press Inc.,
San Diego.  282 pp. (Several sections on toxic and physiologic effects in cetaceans.)

Geraci, J.R. and V. J. Lounsbury

         1993    Marine Mammals Ashore. A Field Guide for Stranding. 1998 reprint..
Texas A&M Sea Grant College Program Publication TAMD-3G-93-601. Galveston, TX.  304 pp. (Describes how to gather scientifically valuable specimens and data. Gives options for dealing with stranded animals of major groups. CD-ROM available at a discount from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Marine Mammals Ashore Project, Pier 3, 501 East Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21202-3194.)

Haley, D. (Editor)

         l986     (See Popular)

Hardy, A. C.

         l967     Great Waters; A Voyage of Natural History to Study Whales, Plankton, and the Waters of the Southern Ocean. Harper and Row, NY. 542 pp. (An account of the Discovery cruises and summary on pages 523‑534 of the first 34 volumes of the Discovery Reports.)

, R.J. (Editor)
         l972     The Functional Anatomy of Marine Mammals.
            to         3 Vols. Academic Press,
London. (Technical series)

, R.J. and J. King
         l980     Marine Mammals. 2nd edition.  Hutchinson & Co., London. l92 pp., l2 figs. (Characteristics of whales, dolphins, seals, manatees.)

Harrison, R. and M. M. Bryden (Editors)

         1988    Whales Dolphins and Porpoises. Facts on File Publications, N. Y., Oxford, England. 240 pp. (Excellent compendium; accounts by 14 authorities. Useful information on evolution, distribution, adaptation, reproduction, social behavior, interaction of whales and men, strandings.)

Heptner, V. G., K.K. Chapskii, V. A. Arsen'ev and V. E. Sokolov
         1996    Mammals of the
Soviet Union.  Volume II, Part 3, Pinnipeds and Toothed Whales.  Pinnipedia and  Odontoceti.  Scientific editor, James G. Mead. Smithsonian Institution Libraries and National Science Foundation, Washington, DC 995 pp.

Herman, L. M.

         l979     "Humpback Whales in Hawaiian Waters: A Study in Historical Ecology."  Pacific Science, Vol. 33,No. l, January l979, pp. l‑l5. (Review of the appearance of whales within last 200 years in nearshore waters of main islands of Hawaii.)

Herman, L. M. (Editor)

         l980      Cetacean Behavior: Mechanisms and Functions. John Wiley & Sons, NY. 463 pp. (Includes studies on communication, vision, function of schools, social interaction, recognition and learning.)

Hershkovitz, P

         l966     Catalog of Living Whales. U.S. National Museum Bulletin No. 246.  Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, DC. 259 pp. (Bibliographic references of taxonomic data up to l965; worldwide checklist.) Out of print.

Hoelzel, A. R., (Editor)

         2002    Marine Mammal Biology. An Evolutionary Approach. Blackwell Science Ltd., Malden, Massachusetts. 432 pp. (Includes chapters on zoogeography, evolution, anatomy and physiology, neural morphology, sensory systems, acoustic communication, movement, feeding ecology, reproductive strategies, social behavior, memory, and conservation by experts in the field)

Hofman, R.J. and W. . Bonner

         1985    "Conservation and Protection of Marine Mammals: Past, Present and Future."  Marine  Mammal Science, Vol. 1, No. 2, April 1985, pp. 109‑127. 

Horwood, J.

         1987    The Sei Whale: Population Biology, Ecology and Management. Croom Helm,
London, New York. 375 pp.

         1990    Biology and Exploitation of the Minke Whale. CRC Press,
Boca Raton, FL 238 pp.

Howell, A. B.

         l930     Aquatic Mammals. Charles C Thomas, Springfield, Illinois. 338 pp. l970 reprint by Dover Press. (A non‑technical discussion of how various body parts of whales, seals and other animals are adapted to aquatic life.)

Hoyt, E.

         1988    The Whales of
Canada Camden House Publishing Ltd., Ontario. Reprint of 1984 edition. 127 pp.(20 species accounts; topics include feeding, breeding, range maps, listing of whale research organizations in Canada.)

Hunter, J.

         1787        “Observations on the Structure and Oeconomy of Whales.” LXXVII, Part II    
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London,  W. Bowyer and J. Nichols for Lockyer Davis, printer to the Royal Society. Pp.371-450, read June 28, 1787. Online reprint by JSTOR available from the Smithsonian Institution Natural History Main Branch Library. ( The foundation of modern cetology)

         1809    “
Observations on the Structure and Economy of Whales.” Abridged edition by Charles Hutton, George Shaw and Richard Pearson, 1809, 1665-1800, xvi (1785-1790), 1809, pp. 306-351. From Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. LXXVII, Part II, art. XXXVIII, 1787, pp. 371-450. 

         1981    “Observations on the Structure and Oeconomy of Whales (communicated by Sir Joseph Banks, Read June 28, 1787.) Reprint ­In: Pilleri, G., Investigations on Cetacea, 12 (supplement)[vi], 371-450, pls 16-23. 

Huntley, A. C., D. P. Costa, G. A. J. Worthy, and M.A. Castellini ditors)
         1987    Approaches to Marine Mammal Energetics.  Society for Marine Mammalogy Special Publication No. 1. Society for Marine Mammalogy, Lawrence, Kansas. 253 pp. (Chapters on methodologies for measuring energetics: basal metabolism, stomach content analyses, quantifying growth and energy storage, food and waste measurements, respiratory exchange, mathematical models.)

Idyll, C. P. 

         l960     Ambergris ‑Neptune's Treasure.  Smithsonian Publication 440l. Smithsonian Press,
Washington, DC 7 pp. Out of print.

International Whaling Commission

         l977     Report of the Special Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Sei and Bryde's Whales. La Jolla, California, December, l974. Reports of the  International Whaling Commission Special Issue l, The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge CB4 4NP. l50 pp.

         1980    Sperm Whales: Special Issue 2. G.P. Donovan, editor. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 275 pp.
         1981    Age Determination of Toothed Whales and Sirenians. Special Issue 3.  W.F. Perrin and A. C. Myrick, editors. Report and Papers of a Meeting on the Age Determination of Odontocetes and Sirenians held in La Jolla September l978. International Whaling Commission, The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 229 pp.
         1982    Aboriginal/Subsistence Whaling (with  special reference to the
Alaska and Greenland Fisheries). Special Issue 4. G. P. Donovan, editor. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 86 pp.  
         1983    Special Issue on Historical Whaling Records. Special Issue 5. M. K. F. Tillman and G. P. Donovan, editors. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 269 pp. 

         1984    Reproduction in Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises. Special Issue 6. W.F. Perrin, R.L. Brownell Jr., and D. P. DeMaster, editors. Report and Papers of a Meeting on Cetacean Reproduction held in La Jolla November 28 ‑ December 7, l98l. International Whaling Commission, The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge CB 4 4NP. 490 pp. 

         1986    Bibliography of Whale Killing Techniques. Special Issue 7. By E.D. Mitchell, R.R. Reeves, and A. Evely. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 162 pp. 

         1986    Behavior of Whales in Relation to Management. Special Issue 8. G.P. Donovan, editor. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 282 pp. 

         1986    Right Whales: Past and Present Status. Special Issue 10. R. L. Brownell Jr., P.B. Best, and J.H. Prescott, editors. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 289 pp.
         1988    The Biology of the Genus Cephalorhynchus. Special Issue 9. R.L. Brownell, Jr. and G. P. Donovan, editors. Reports of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House,
Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 344 pp. 

         1989    The Comprehensive Assessment of Whale Stocks: the early years.  Special Issue 11. G.P. Donovan, editor. Reports of the International Whaling Commission.  The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 210 pp.

         1990    Individual Recognition of Cetaceans: Use of Photo-Identification and other Techniques to Estimate Population Parameters. P.S. Hammond, S. A. Mizrock and G. P. Donovan, editors. Special Issue 12.  Reports of the International Whaling Commission.  The Red House,
Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 440 pp. 

         1991    Genetic Ecology of Whales and Dolphins.  Special Issue 13.  A. R. Hoelzel and G.P. Donovan, editors.  Reports of the International Whaling Commission.  The Red House, Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 311 pp.  

         1993    Biology of Northern Hemisphere Pilot Whales.  Special Issue 14. G. P. Donovan, C. H. Lockyer, and A.R. Martin (Editors)  Report of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House, Station Rd., Histon,  Cambridge. 479 pp.
         1995    Biology of the Phocoenids. Special Issue 16. A. Bjorge and G. P. Donovan, editors. Report of the International Whaling Commission. The Red House,
Station Rd., Histon, Cambridge. 552 pp. 

T. A. (Editor)
         2004    Special Issue: Biology and Conservation of Humpback Dolphins (Sousa spp.)
Aquatic Mammals, Vol. 30, No. 1

, T. A., S. Leatherwood, and M.A. Webber 
         1993    Marine Mammals of the World. United Nations Environment Programme: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rome. 320 pp. (CD ROM Identification guide to marine mammals : cetaceans, seals, and sirenians found in fresh water.) (Updated to 1996)

Jones, M. L., S. L. Swartz, and S. Leatherwood Jr. 

         1984    The Gray Whale: Eschrichtius robustus. Academic Press, Orlando, FL. 600 pp., black and white photographs. (Technical papers by researchers in field; a summary of current information on evolution, fossils, history of whaling, distribution, migration, biology, and behavior.)

Judd, M., C. Kemper, J. K. Ling and J. Olman
         1992    A Guide to Whales and Whale Watching in South Australia. South Australian Museum, Adelaide. 32 pp.

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