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List of References on Endangered, Threatened, and Recently Extinct Mammals

This section focuses on a specific vertebrate group: MAMMALS.

The publications listed below are not available from the Smithsonian Institution. They can be obtained from most large public libraries or can be requested through an interlibrary loan. Many are currently in print and can be ordered from local bookstores.  

Ackerman,  D.
1997 The Rarest of the Rare: Vanishing Animals, Timeless Worlds. Vintage Books, New York. 184 pp. (Monk seals, short-tailed albatrosses, golden lion tamarins)
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1979 Wolves of Minong. Their Vital Role in a Wild Community. Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. 499 pp. (Account of wolves on Isle Royale; predator prey relationships, particularly with moose.)
Allen, G.M.
l942 Extinct and Vanishing Mammals of the Western Hemisphere. American Committee on International Wildlife Protection, Washington, DC 620 pp. l972 reprint. (This book and a companion volume by Harper list and discuss mammals whose populations are seriously depleted or have become non existent; includes marine mammals having world wide distribution.)
Arnold, C.
1987 Koala. William Morrow & Co. Inc., New York. 48 pp.(For elementary school children, ages 5-9.)
Bailey, T.N.
1993 The African Leopard: Ecology and Behavior of a Solitary Felid. Columbia University Press, New York. 429 pp. (Technical study of leopards in Kruger National Park, impact of humans, other predators; includes population, movements, feeding ecology, social organization, and conservation issues.)
Banks, V.
1988 The Red Wolf Gets a Second Chance to Live by its Wits. Smithsonian, Vol. 18, No. 2, March 1988, pp. 100-107. (Release of captive-bred red wolves into a Carolina refuge.)
Boyd, L. and K. A. Houpt (Editors)
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The Grizzly Almanac. The Lyons Press, New York. 229 pp. 2000 (Includes bear biology, behavior, relationship to man, list of conservation organizations and a bibliography.)
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1992 The Fate of the Elephant. Sierra Club Books, San Francisco. 492 pp. (Emphasis on wildlife conservation.)
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De Boer, L.E.M. (Editor)
1982 The Orangutan, its Biology and Conservation. Dr. W. Junk Pub., The Hague (distr. by Kluwer, Boston). 353 pp. (May be difficult to obtain. Half the articles are technical, dealing with taxonomy, fossil history, genetics and chromosome variation; the other half examines maintenance, reproduction, behavior in captivity, mating, and conservation in the wild with a review of conservation programs in Borneo and Sumatra.)
Dietz, T.
1992 The Call of the Siren: Manatees and Dugongs. Fulcrum Publishing, Colorado. 196 pp.
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Edey, M. and J.D.
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l980 The Book of Whales. Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 252 pp. (Anatomy, behavior and distribution of 33 species of large whales; Includes history of whaling and conservation efforts.)
Eltringham, S.K.
l979 The Ecology and Conservation of Large African Mammals. MacMillan Press Ltd., London. 286 pp. ( An extensive bibliography.)
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Fa, J.E.
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International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
l978 Threatened Deer. IUCN, Morges, Switzerland. 434 pp.(Contributions by l8 experts in deer management; reviews the IUCN Deer Program, the status of l0 deer species, and restoration and management programs.)
l980 The Javan Tiger and the Meru-Betiri Reserve: A Plan for Management: A World Wildlife Fund Report. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland. l67 pp.
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