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Fashion Plate Bibliography

Information or research assistance regarding fashion plates is frequently requested from the Smithsonian Institution. The following information has been prepared to assist those interested in this topic.

I. Some Books and Articles on Fashion Plates

Askew, Richard Burton Marlow. AFashion Plates in America.@ Antiques, August l968, pp. 220-223.

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_____. Paris Fashions of the 1890s. New York: Dover Publications, l984.

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II. Some of the More Common Periodicals Containing Fashion Plates

La Belle Assemblee, l806-68 (English)

Frank Leslie=s Gazette of Fashion, l854-7l (American)

Godey=s Lady=s Book and Magazine, l830-98 (American)

Journal des Demoiselles, l833- (French)

Lady=s Magazine, l770-l837 (English)

Le Moniteur de la Mode, l843- (French)

Peterson=s Magazine, l842-98 (American)

The Queen, l86l- (English)

Repository of Arts, l809-28 (English)

World of Fashion, l824-9l (English)

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