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Apps for Apes: Smithsonian Orangutans using iPads for Enrichment


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Smithsonian »
We're not a museum. We're 19 of them and the National Zoo. Tidbits of knowledge from our museums, research centers, and beyond.
Air and Space Museum
Air and Space Museum: Imagining Spacewalks »
Imagine yourself venturing out into space hundreds or even thousands of miles above Earth.
Archives of 
                    American Art
Archives of American Art »
Little nuggets of treasure from the art world's Fort Knox.
                    American History and Culture Museum
African American History and Culture Museum »
American History through an African American lens.
Community of Gardens
Community of Gardens »
The Smithsonian's digital home for sharing and preserving the stories of gardens and the gardeners who make them grow.
Cooper Hewitt
Cooper Hewitt »
The Smithsonian Design Museum in NYC.
Freer Sackler
Hirshhorn ยป
Modern and contemporary art.
Luce Foundation Center for American Art
Luce Foundation Center for American Art »
Art, programs, music, and more brought to you by the Smithsonian American Art Museum's visible storage center.
Smithsonian AV Archivists
Smithsonian AV Archivists »
Archivists from across the Smithsonian share sound and video from their collections.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings »
"Music of the people, by the people, for the people." The nonprofit record label of the National Museum of the United States.
Smithsonian Libraries
Smithsonian Libraries »
Smithsonian Libraries, the world's largest museum library.
Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum
Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum »
Enhancing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Latino Cultural Heritage.
Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine »
The official Tumblr for Smithsonian magazine.