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June/July 2013

June/July 2013

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Where Have All the Shuttle Engineers Gone?

To new jobs, some odder than others.

By Jeremy Davis

Panthers At Sea

U.S. Navy Panthers weren’t highly evolved, but they could shoot. And they were air conditioned.

By David Noland

Earth-Like Planets Could be Right Next Door

Astronomers estimate that billions of habitable planets are orbiting red dwarf stars. What would it be like to live there?

By Bruce Lieberman

Alaska and the Airplane

For a century, each has shaped the other.

By Julie Decker and Jeremy Kinney

The Pilots of Mount McKinley

For 50 years, the world has reached the mountain on airplanes from one small town.

By Larry Lowe

Water World

Where airplanes have floats, and everybody flies.

By Carl Posey

Alaska’s Crash Epidemic

How technology and an FAA regional office ended it.

By Greg Freiherr

The Astronaut’s Wife

Jan Evans recalls how it was for the families of moon voyagers in the Apollo era.

By Jennifer Ross-Nazzal