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May 2013

May 2013

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Beyond the Moon

At a point in space 280,000 miles from Earth, four astronauts may find the gateway to the next era of U.S. space exploration.

By Guy Gugliotta

The Drone Started Here

How a lover of model airplanes put together radio control, light weight, and reliability and came up with the Predator.

By Richard Whittle

Cancelled: Britain's High-Mach Ground-Hugging Heartbreak

Aeronautical genius foiled by political foolishness.

By David Noland

How Things Work: Missle Defense

Is Israel's Iron Dome overrated?

By Roger A. Mola

Earth's Mirror

Landsat's tales of loss and renewal.

By Linda Shiner

The Galileo Project

Europe to the U.S.: We have our own GPS, thank you.

By Craig Mellow

Restoration: Lindbergh's Trainer: Brunner-Winkle Bird

A life flying capped by a labor of love.

By Paul Glenshaw


Five daring helicopter crews of five very bad days.

By Preston Lerner