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June/July 2012

Air & Space June/July 2012

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Departments:Viewport, Letters, What's Up, Soundings, In the Museum, Above & Beyond, Flights & Fancy

Bullet Man

Felix Baumgartner’s summer travel plans: 1 24-mile trip—straight down.

By Mark Betancourt

Typhoon Watch

All eyes are on the Eurofighter; too bad some are looking at it on radar screens. Is stealth essential?

By Carl Posey

My Other Vehicle Was a Spacecraft

Shuttle veterans find happiness at slower speeds.

By Phil Scott

Time to Climb

Designed to intercept, a Yak-3U leaps at a world record.

By George C. Larson

The Quiet Revolution

Shhhh! Dreamliner manufacturing zone.

By Stephen Joiner

Cancelled: Meet the Beetle!

When tail sitters were the rage, France built the weirdest.

By Jeremy Davis

Satellite in a Week

Can a small office in the Department of Defense change the ways of the aerospace establishment?

By Todd Neff

Hitch Hikers

Two airplanes aren’t always better than one.

By Lynn Keillor

Departments: Reviews & Previews, Forecast, Credits, Moments & Milestones