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August 2011

Air & Space August 2011

Departments: Viewport, Letters, Soundings, Interview In the Museum

Departments: Above & Beyond, Flights & Fancy, Sightings, Reviews & Previews, Credits, Forecast, Moments & Milestones

Patty Wagstaff’s Second Act

After you’ve become one of the biggest names in airshows, what’s next?

By Debbie Gary

Flights on Demand

If you think there’s nothing better than first-class air travel, try owning a piece of the jet.

By David Freed

Loser X-Planes

Our experts separate the groundbreakers from the heartbreakers.

Spaceport at the Top of the World

A Swedish town braces for the next Space Age.

By Andrew Curry

How Things Work: Stopping the A380

Hint: Plan ahead.

By Mark Huber

Mr. Inside

For most of the space shuttle program, this man was the most powerful human in human spaceflights.

By Michael Cassutt

I Was There: “Boeing Will Never Try It”

When Douglas decided that flying an airliner past Mach 1 would be fun.

By Bill Wasserzieher

Genchi’s Obession

One man’s trash is another’s treasure—or, in this case, a world-class museum collection.

The Perfect Wind Storm

At a supersonic wind tunnel in Ohio, shock waves formed and walls moved—and that’s when things were going well.

By Jeremy Davis