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January 2011

Air & Space January 2011

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The Other Gulf War

Sub hunters, spyplanes, crop dusters, troop haulers: All flew in to save the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil spill.

By Mark Huber

Major Surgery

Turning a jumbo jet into an airborne observatory proved to be a delicate operation.

By Trudy E. Bell

The New Afghanistan Air Force

As the war intensifies, on-the-job training for Afghan pilots is frequently on-the-fly.

By Stewart Nusbaumer


Portraits of the astronauts who for the last three decades took the shuttle to work.

By Tony Reichhardt

Too Hot to Handle

Man cannot zoom by blended wing alone; he must have an engine that, well, works.

By Stephan Wilkinson

The Great Escape

In World War II Yugoslavia C-47’s were readied to pluck downed aircrews from behind enemy lines. But where would they land?

By Phil Scott

How Things Work: Whole-Airplane Parachute

A good thing to have around when engine quits.

By Michael Klesius

From Kites to the Space Shuttle

A new photo-filled book is a diary of life at the National Air and Space Museum.

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