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October 2013

Smithsonian October 2013


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This month our theme is color, from a new, blue greenback to a mysterious Roman chalice that changes color when held to light.

Cabin Fever

One man’s historic mission to rediscover every former slave dwelling in America.

By Tony Horwitz

Existential Hero

On the centenary of his birth, Algerian-born novelist and philosopher Albert Camus is still a stranger in his native land.

By Joshua Hammer

Seeing Zapruder

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris deconstructs the metaphysics of conspiracy.

By Ron Rosenbaum

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What's new around the Mall


The New Lincoln

How a former Disney Animator made the most provocative Lincoln photo find of the last half-century.

By Franz Lidz

Mole Hunt

A Soviet spy’s tip set off one of the most self-destructive investigations in FBI history.

By David Wise

Glory, Glory

New research may settle a family feud over the origins of an American icon.

By Sally Jenkins

Animal Intelligence

Some of the most highly trained operatives in the Cold War weren’t human. Ask the man who trained them.

By Tom Vanderbilt

American Enigma

A new biography of Norman Rockwell reveals the complex inner life of America's greatest and most controversial illustrator.

By Deborah Solomon