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July/August 2013

Smithsonian July/August 2013


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This month our theme is identity, from nation-branding to keyboard quirks to reprogramming adult stem cells.

Mind Over Matter

Before the elusive Higgs boson could be discovered—a smashing success—it had to be imagined.

By Brian Greene

League of Her Own

Did 17-year-old Jackie Mitchell strike out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig? Yes. Well, maybe.

By Tony Horwitz

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What's new around the Mall


A Change Is Gonna Come

Americans who marched on Washington 50 years ago under a blazing sun recall the day they were part of a turning point in history.

Interviews by Michael A. Fletcher

CSI: Italian Renaissance

Inside a lab in Pisa, forensics pathologist Gino Fornaciari and his team investigate 500-year-old cold cases.

By Tom Mueller

Behind the Mask

A new film revives the Lone Ranger. But is it the same old Tonto?

By Jerry Adler

The Big Heart

Oil and culture are a powerful mixture in Houston, which has quietly become the most diverse city in America.

By Tony Perrottet

The Education of a Bomb Dog

A top training academy works double time to meet skyrocketing demand for canines with a nose for danger.

By Joshua Levine