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March 2013

Smithsonian March 2012


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This month the theme is light--from the striking Dom Pedro Aquamarine, to the 50th birthday of the lava lamp, to new research showing thast women and men perceive colors differently

First Blood

Bernard Bailyn illuminates a largely forgotten--and savage--period in American history

By J. Madeline Nash

Smithsonian, Fast Forward

What's new around the Mall


Lost Tribed of the Amazon

Often described as "uncontacted", isolated Indian groups living deep in a South American forest resist the ways of the modern world--at least for now

By Joshua Hammer

Light Fantastic

Why do so many undersea creatures glow in the dark? A pioneer scientist dives deep to explore the dazzling world of bioluminescence

By Abigail Tucker

Mean Girls

A scientist studying female elephants--usually portrayed as cooperative--makes a suprising observation about their behavior

By Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell

The Beauty of Life

In the new aesthetic movement of biodesign, artists use nature to create everything from glow-in-the-dark rabbits to large-scale petri dish portraits

By Megan Gambino

No Egrets

A century ago, two Boston socialites helped put a stop to the plume trade an enact landmark conservation legislation to protect America's birds

By William Souder

The Roots of a Naturalist

After studying chimpanzees for decades scientist turns her penetrating gaze on another life-form, one that has fascinated her since childhood

By Jane Goodall