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February 2013

Smithsonian February 2013


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This month the theme is origins--of stolen uranium, famouse people, phony grammar rules and more!

Last Words

A Cambridge linquist cruises the Chicago suburbs in searc of native speakers of a dying biblical language

By Ariel Sabar

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What's new around the Mall


Exploring Evolution

Our second evotourism issue is about where to go to be in touch with giants, get close to the deepest American roots and visit the origin of "Origin"

The First Americans

Archaeologists debate who the earliest immigrants were

By Guy Gugliotta

The DragonKing

The might Komodo lizard of Indonesia has suprising way of subduing prey

By Brendan Borrell

America's Dinosaur Playground

Canyons near Vernal, Utah, are a fossile lover's paradise

By Mary Roach

Darwin in the House

Home of the naturalist for 40 years, the estate near London was always evolving

By Rebecca Stott

Art Attack

No public surface--or subject--is sacred for the guerrilla artist Bansky

By Will Ellsworth-Jones

Lincoln Must Die!

Even before the president-elect came to Washington, there was an ugly conspiracy to take his life

By Daniel Stashower