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June 2012

Smithsonian June 2012


Contributions, The Conversation “Simpson’s Springfield”, From the Editor “Eat Here”, From the Castle “Panama Exposed”, Around the Mall “Save the Whalebones”, Fast Forward “Math Museum”



Essay, Danh Vo Art, Bomb Shelters, Camp Shackleton, Homeless No More, Tent Coverage, House Music, Seed Bank, Dune Inspiration


Profile “Rosanne Cash and the Multiverse of Love”, History “The War of 1812: Remember the Raisin!”, Science “When the Earth Moved”, Books “Love, Life, and Elephants”

By Various Artists


The Food Issue

Because what we eat connects us to who we are

How the Chicken Conquered the World

How an ungainly wild bird spread its wings and became one of humankind’s favorite foods

By Jerry Adler and Andrew Lawler

The Unified Theory of Gumbo

He ate far and wide, but the author found only one true version of the Cajun dish—Mom’s

By Lolis Eric Elie

Salts of the Earth

The critic taste-tests samples that pique the palates of the high-fashion food world

Photographs by Ivan Kashinsky and Karla Gachet

National Treasure

Julia Child’s Table: The celebrated chef owned a good deal of her success to a suprisingly modern marriage

By Ruth Reichl

Heaven on the Half Shell

Can you eat the same kind of oysters that thrilled Mark Twain? We send a hungry writer to find out

By Andrew Beahrs

A Wine and Prayer

In downtown Los Angeles, a 95-year-old winery weathered by hard times by making wine for church services. Now connoisseurs are devoted to it

By Amy Scattergood

Can Technology Save Breakfast?

Cereal companies, maligned for over processing, use science to put some nature back in the bowl

By Corby Kummer