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May 2012

Smithsonian May 2012

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By various authors

Tasmania's New Devil

A gambler's edgy new art museum has turned one of the world's most out-of-the-way spots into a hot destination.

By Tony Perrottet

The 10 Best Small Towns in America

Looking for the richest cultural offerings in the most charming settings, we picked lively little places with exceptional music, art, history and more.

By Susan Spano

A Man and His Islands

For this renowed travel writer, no place has proved harder to decipher than his home for the past 22 years--Hawaii.

By Paul Theroux

Dreams of Kenya

Four years after Barack Obama was elected president, the writer journeys to East Africa to see what has become of the village where Obama's father was raised.

By Joshua Hammer

Mexican Mission

The journalist ventures south of the border to explore the tidy Mormon settlement that was the birthplace of Mitt Romney's father.

By Hector Tobar

National Treasure

Kelly Slater's Surfboard: An ode to surfing's fiercest, most successful competitor--by far.

By Owen Edwards

Make Way for Penguins

A notorious prison. Endearing birds. Scientists at work to save them. Welcome to South Africa's infamous Robben Island.

By Charles Bergman

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Science "Where No Spacecraft have Gone Before", Profile "Biographer Robert Caro On The Truth that Nearly Destroyed LBJ", Books "The Banana King"

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