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July/August 2011

Smithsonian July/August 2011

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Departments:From the Editor, Letters, Wild Things, Indelible Images, Now on the Website

Departments:Interview, My Kind of Town, Around the Mall, From the Castle, Behind the Scenes, The Object at Hand, Q&A, What's Up

Dig, Drink and Be Marry

By analyzing ancient pottery, an archaeologist is resurrecting the libations that fueuled civilization.

By Abigail Tucker

Dazzling Displays

The winning images in our 8th annual photo contest illuminate the beauty of the ordinary.

By Jesse Rhodes

The End of Illusions

Both the North and the South expected victory to be not only glorious but quick. The first major battle, Bull Run, would bury such thinking.

By Ernest B. Furguson

Crisis in the Caves

Researchers race to halt a disease that could wipe out bats, animals that get little respect though they help people in a big way.

By Michelle Nijhuis

Cultivating Art

Illustrations created to protect 19th-century fruit growers did the spadework for intellectual property rights.

By Daniel J. Kevles

A Whale to Watch

New technology has made possible an unlikely movie about an even unlikelier hero--a wild orca.

By Michael Parfit

Orca Culture

It's surprisingly complex.

By Lisa Stiffler

Presence of Mind

Was Thomas Drake a patriotic whistleblower or a threat to national security.

By David Wise

The Last Page

On the Money.

By Jim Courter