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March 2011

Smithsonian March 2011

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Myanmar’s Free Thinkers

In the country formerly known as Burma, young artists and activists are a force in the struggle for democracy.

By Joshua Hammer

Kalahari Jouney

Wild zebras undertaking one of Africa’s great seasonal migrations have adjusted to a 150-mile fence, to the relief of researchers.

By Robyn Keene-Young

Beauty of the Brain

A new book illuminates the marvelous and mysterious world inside our heads.

By Laura Helmuth

The Holdouts

Other Indian tribes would give up their land and move west after Andrew Jackson won the presidency. But the Cherokees resisted—for a while.
By Brian Hicks

Gauguin’s Gambit

In his lifetime, the Post-Impressionist iconocalst was more successful promoting himself than his art.

By Ann Morrison

Quandary in the Amazon

Peru’s mega-dam will bring a flood of benefits to the region. But at what cost?

By Clay Risen

Presence of Mind

King Ludd’s War: Luddites were not quite who we usually think they were.

By Richard Conniff

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