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February 2011

Smithsonian February 2011

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Warsaw on the Rise

A new crop of dazzling skyscrapers symbolizes the Polish capital’s effort to rebuild its downtrodden image and become a star of Eastern Europe.

By Rudolph Chelminski

Snow Phantom

Scientists in Montana study the elusive lynx in its wintry haunts. Their goal: save the “ghost cat”.

By Abigail Tucker

The Reluctant President

On Inauguration Day 1789, perhaps the only person to doubt George Washington’s ability to lead the nation was Washington.

By Ron Chernow

Flower Power

In Colombia, the growing of blooms for export has become big business. Just look at the bouquets in your supermarket.

By John McQuaid

Wayne Thiebaud Is Not a Pop Artist

He’s best known for his bright, spare paintings of pastries and cakes, but they represent only a slice of the American master’s work.

By Cathleen McGuigan

Invisible Glory

In out-of-this-world images, the Chandra and Spitzer space telescopes show us parts of the universe not on our wavelength.

By Abigail Tucker

Presence of Mind

Battle Station: For World War II naval historian Samuel Eliot Morison, armchair research was not enough.

By James D. Hornfischer

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Together, At Last