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November 2010

Smithsonian November 2010

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Resurrecting the Czar

In Russia, the recent discovery of the remains of the two missing Romanov children has pitted science against the church.

By Joshua Hammer


A long-term study in Namibia points up bull elephants’ surprisingly rich relationships.

By Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell

The Tell-Tale Murder

The mysterious death of a wealthy slave trader in Salem, Mass., riveted the nation in the 1830’s—and figures of in now-classic works of American fiction.

Show Time

A stellar roster of African-American singers, dancers, and comedians got their start at the Apollo Theater, celebrating its 75-year history.

By Lucinda Moore

Looking for Ghosts

To study one of the universe’s most elusive particles, physicists have built detectors in gold and mines, mountain tunnels, even Antarctic ice.

By Ann Finkbeiner

How Little Bighorn Was Won

A new book offers a vivid, minute-by-minute account of the 1876 battle from the victors’ perspective.

By Thomas Powers

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Fluent in 60 Seconds