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Folklife Festival


When:Saturday, June/July Date TBD

Where: Folklife Festival on the National Mall


Should you have any questions or comments about the project or the procedures for the day, or to register for Morning at the Mall please contact the Smithsonian Accessibility Program at (202) 633-2921.

We hope you enjoy Morning at the Mall!

Tip Sheet

Tip Sheet »

The "Tip Sheet" includes directions on how to get to the Festival, parking information, as well as tips and sensory information to make the experience enjoyable for you and your family.



Map »

The map of this year’s Folklife Festival.  The map identifies the three program areas, Marketplace, music and dance stages.   


Social Stories

Social Stories »

The "Social Stories" for the Folklife Festival and Morning at the Mall are pre-visit stories designed to prepare your family for what to expect when you attend the Festival.  These stories discuss common rules and routines for the Festival. 


Visual Schedule

Visual Schedule »

The "Visual Schedule" includes pictures of structures and activities that are a part of the Folklife Festival.  This “Visual Schedule” can also be used as a “seek and find” activity, check boxes are included.