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November 2013

November 2013

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The Lynx’s Leap

Can a suborbital spaceship help XCOR reach orbit?

By Michael Belfiore

The First Test Pilots

At old McCook Field, the art of flying became a science.

By Stephen Joiner

When It Hit the Fan in Space

Engineers get creative when the error message comes from 50 million miles away.

By Zoe Krasney

The Making of a Joint Strike Fighter Pilot

Welcome to the fifth generation.

By Art Tomassetti

Restoration: Vought V-173

Why there will never be another Flying Pancake.

By Tim Wright

Still Life with Airplane

When art meets aviation.

By The Editors

Buy Your Plane at Penney’s

For a few magical years, it looked like every family would own an airplane.

By Paul Glenshaw

The Hunt for Houdini’s Airplane

Amateur detectives have found clues to the fate of the magician’s biplane.

By Rebecca Maksel

Jet Race

In 1956, the Soviets held first place — briefly.

By Craig Mellow