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August 2013

June/July 2013

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50 Years of Air Racing

Over half a century, a devoted few created the unique culture of Reno.

By Linda Shiner and Caroline Sheen

The Other Guys

NASA needs a space taxi. The likely pick is SpaceX—but don’t count out Colorado-based Sierra Nevada.

By Michael Behar

Cancelled: Larry Bell's Little Idea

Larry Bell’s little idea probably should have been kept to himself.

By Stephan Wilkinson

The Flight Over Avgas

Can private pilots fly unleaded?

By David Freed

The Universe's Baby Boom

A new telescope will tell us how the first stars and galaxies were born.

By Bruce Lieberman

The Gutless Cutlass

In the early jet age, pilots had good reason to fear the F7U.

By DC Agle

Short Decks and Swordfish

Britain’s desperate response to U-boats.

By Robert R. Powell