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January 2013

January 2013

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The Last Shuttle Flight

How four astronauts closed out a 30-year space program.

By Tony Reichhardt

Drone for Hire

Soon, you may get the feeling you're being watched.

By James R. Chiles

How Things Work: Trim Tabs

Pilots' little helpers that have sometimes gone awry.

By Roger A. Mola

The Beech Boys

If everyone had an airplane across the USA, these pilots would make it a Beech 18.

By David Freed

Judgment Day

After working for years to build an airplane, DIY'ers hope the inspector will show up with a pink slip.

By Sarah Brown

The Ordeal of VF-653   

Corsairs and courage in Korea.

By David Sears

Asteroid Watch

Save Earth! Private satellite, global goal.

By Bruce Lieberman

Inches to Go

A human-powered helicopter built by students could win a cool--very cool--quarter million.

By Paul Glenshaw