Due to weather conditions, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian in New York are closed today, January 27.

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March 2012

Air & Space March 2012

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World’s Highest Laboratory

The space station's finished. Now what?

By Guy Gugliotta

100 Years of Marine Aviation

A salute to 10 aircraft that carried the few and the proud into history.

By The Editors

Air Candy

At the B-17 Co-op

Like bomber crews on 100-plane raids, today’s B-17 owners find strength—and survival—in numbers.

By Brendan McNally

Extraterrestrial Outfitter

If you're planning an off-world vacation, there's only one name to call: Eric Anderson

By Michael Belfiore

World War II: The Movie

When the U.S. Army Air Forces needed 100,000 men to volunteer, General Hap Arnold recruited Hollywood.

By Mark Betancourt

Cancelled: SeaMonsters of the Navy

The Navy wanted a nuclear bomber of its own; the Glenn Martin Company thought, Why not a flying boat?

By Mark Wolverton

Or Die Trying

After the Wright brothers flew, a handful of inventors were determined to join them.

By Paul Glenshaw