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Collector's Edition 1981 - 2011

Air & Space Collector's Edition 1981 - 2011

Opening Announcements, Cover, Contents

Departments:Viewport, Dedication, Credits, The Shuttle Generation

Departments:In the Museum, Above & Beyond

Departments: The World’s First Spaceplane

Departments: Steep Learning Curve

The Turnaround

Before they returned to space, the orbiters were touched by a thousand hands.

By Greg Freiherr

Astronaut Stories

Women join the corps, a glimpse of speed, the most famous photo from the space shuttle era, and Challenger.

The Real Heavy Lifting

How to make—and remake—the most powerful solid rocket engine in history.

By James R. Chiles

The Tempo of Success

In the 1990s, the shuttle launched planetary probes, great observatories, and a partnership with Russia.

Astronaut Stories

Space telescope repairs, the wrong underwear, collision in space, the Mir years, and coming home.


Possibly the launch team’s finest hour.

By Greg Freiherr

Space Shuttle Impersonator

When a spacecraft costs $2 billion, how do you practice flying it?

By Debbie Gary

A Building in Space

Ten years ago into the new century, the space shuttle completed the mission it had been created for.

Meet the Orbiters

Why the five shuttles in the fleet looked and behaved the way they did.

By Michael Klesius

Astronaut Stories

Long days building the space station, the second tragedy, and what it all means.