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September 2011

Air & Space September 2011

Opening Announcments, Cover, Table of Contents

Departments:Viewport, Letters, Interview, In the Museums, Above & Beyond, Oldies & Oddities

Departments: Sightings, Reviews & Previews, Credits, Forecast, Moments & Milestones

Leaping Lunar Landers!

Can a spacecraft hop its way to winning the Google Lunar X prize?

By Michael Belfiore

The Changing of the Guard

Ten years after 9/11, what life is like in an Air National Guard unit.

By Ed Darack

The First Across the Continent

A 100th anniversary remembrance of Cal Rodgers and the Vin Fiz.

By Charles Wiggin, As Told To Howard Eisenberg

The Raiders Remember

In an annual ceremony, the last of the Doolittle Raiders recall their part in victory over Japan.

By Paul Hoversten


Four aircraft, 12 airmen, 25 days, 40 below zero, in the middle of nowhere.

By Edward Farmer

Heroes in the Tower

Stories about air traffic controllers that you probably didn’t see on the evening news.

By Michael Klesius

Distance Runners

Unmanned aerial vehicles redefine the term "nonstop flight."

By Michael Milstein

Lieutenant Ivan Baranovsky’s P-39

An airacobra's journey to the eastern front...and back.

By Tim Wright