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July 2011

Air & Space July 2011

Departments: Opening Annoucement, Cover, Contents

Departments: Viewport, Letters, Soundings, Interview, In the Museum

Departments: Above & Beyond, Oldies & Oddities, Flights & Fancy, Sightings, Reviews & Previews, Credits, Forecast, Moments & Milestones

Two Days in the Life of B-24 Crew

The only way to find out what it was like is to do it.

By Stephen Joiner

Circling the Moon

Apollo 15: The inside story.

By Al Worden with Francis French

Pilot Cam

How to succeed in flight without really flying.

By Mark Betancourt

*Pilot Not Included

First recon missions. Then missile strikes. Next thing you know, robots will land on aircraft carries

By Michael Milstein

I Was There: A Mailplane for Lindbergh

Aeronautical engineer Donald Hall recalls his most famous collaboration.

By Tom Leech

The United Nations of Oshkosh

The state department could use a little of what AirVenture’s got.

By James Wynbrandt

Destination: Asteroid

Will a spacecraft discover that asteroids can be supply depots?

By Tom Jones

That Old Crate

Why a Minnesota millwork company is building a World War II-era military glider.

By Lynn Keillor

How Things Work: Lightning Protection

Air travelers, fear not.

By Jack Williams

The Bombing of Waziristan

A tale of ambushes and aerial warfare spanning 80 years.

By Graham Chandler