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April/May 2011

Air & Space April/May 2011

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Departments:Viewport, Letters, Soundings, In the Museum

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“That’s PROFESSOR Global Hawk”

Northrop Grumman’s long-winged UAV looks down its nose at hurricanes.

By Kara Platoni

The Mojave Launch Lab

Live fast. Launch rockets.

By Stephen Joiner

Project Equine

A new book introduced the small team of photo interpreters who relayed to the president what the U-2 spyplane saw in the Soviet Union.

By Dino Brugioni

Biplanes & US

What puts you in touch with aviation history and is really, really fun?

Take a Ride in a B-25

You’ll find cramped quarters and oversize thrills.

By Phil Scott


A year that can only be called interesting.

By Paul Hoversten

The Power of 25

Think of it as a crash course in aeronautical trivia.

The Family He Left Behind

What Yuri Gagarin’s friends and relatives remember about the first person to orbit Earth.

By Allen Abel

Departments: Reviews & Previews, Credits, Forecast

Departments: Moments & Milestones