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November 2010

Air & Space November 2010

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Jump. Fly. Land.

So far Jeb Corliss has mastered two out of three.

By Carl Hoffman

Flying Bathtubs Sell Like Hotcake

How a little sport like the Aeronca C-2 grew important enough to hand in museums.

By Giles Lamberston

Brooklyn’s Jewel: Floyd Bennet Field

It was once Aviation Central. Then it became a ghost town. Can the National Park Service bring it back to life?

By David Shaftel

Throttle Down

For 30 years, residents of Florida’s Space Coast welcomed the roar of space shuttles. Now they brace for silence.

By Tom Harpole

Just Shoot Me

In World War II, P-63 pilots had to learn to take it—and not take it personally.

By James Dunaway


Why today’s military pilots can fire and forget.

By Preston Lerner

Forbidden Planet

The solar system’s least likely tourist attraction may soon receive a visitor from Earth.

By Sam Kean

Thrills! Chills! Mystery in the Air!

In the 1930s, Hollywood turned pilots into movie stars.

By Rebecca Maksel

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