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Contact Information

PO Box 37012 NMAH, Room 1050,
MRC 607 Washington, DC 20013

202/633-2921 (Voice)
Accessibilty Program

Beth Ziebarth, Director
Krista Flores, Program Specialist
Patrick Goar, Program Specialist

In addition to the staff, the Accessibility Program currently operates with more than 40 dedicated volunteers.

Access American Stories

Access American Stories

Access American Stories is a bilingual (Spanish/English) “crowdsourced” audio experience and companion to the American Stories exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Designed to increase accessibility for visitors with low vision, the app offers everyone new ways of seeing 100 of America’s most evocative historical objects through the eyes of both visitors and museum staff.

Participate by describing one of the objects on display or your experience of the exhibition. Tell us what else should be included in the show or respond to a comment in the app left by someone else. Or simply listen to the people (staff and/or visitors) you choose as they talk about the objects and time periods from American history that most interest you, and “vote up” your favorites so they get priority in the play list for other listeners!

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